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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<graphml xmlns=""
<key id="weight" for="edge""weight" attr.type="float"/>
<key id="name" for="node""name" attr.type="string"/>
<key id="age" for="node""age" attr.type="int"/>
<key id="lang" for="node""lang" attr.type="string"/>
<graph id="G" edgedefault="directed">
<node id="1">
<data key="name">marko</data>
<data key="age">29</data>
<node id="2">
<data key="name">vadas</data>
<data key="age">27</data>
<node id="3">
<data key="name">lop</data>
<data key="lang">java</data>
<node id="4">
<data key="name">josh</data>
<data key="age">32</data>
<node id="5">
<data key="name">ripple</data>
<data key="lang">java</data>
<node id="6">
<data key="name">peter</data>
<data key="age">35</data>
<edge id="7" source="1" target="2" label="knows">
<data key="weight">0.5</data>
<edge id="8" source="1" target="4" label="knows">
<data key="weight">1.0</data>
<edge id="9" source="1" target="3" label="created">
<data key="weight">0.4</data>
<edge id="10" source="4" target="5" label="created">
<data key="weight">1.0</data>
<edge id="11" source="4" target="3" label="created">
<data key="weight">0.4</data>
<edge id="12" source="6" target="3" label="created">
<data key="weight">0.2</data>
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