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Consider a close() method on the Pipe interface #28

pangloss opened this Issue August 11, 2011 · 3 comments

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Darrick Wiebe Marko A. Rodriguez
Darrick Wiebe

Since pipe data sources sometimes need to be closed to prevent leaking resources (Neo4j indices, various Dex iterators, etc), I think it would greatly simplify things if I could call close on the pipe that I'm actually using to iterate the results rather than having to keep and pass around the source iterator so that it can be closed when I'm done with the pipe in question.

How is this issue currently handled in Gremlin (if at all)? In Pacer I have a branch where I'm experimenting with this but it seems to make most sense as a part of Pipes.


Marko A. Rodriguez

Will leave this open, but this requires an update to the Pipes interface which is very sensitive. Will think.

Marko A. Rodriguez

This is a good idea...... . . . . . .but fear additions. There are many situtions where you might want to "finialize" your pipe as it has, for example, open streams (e.g. file streams, indices, etc.).

Marko A. Rodriguez

Will not do in TinkerPop2, but this should be brought up in TinkerPop3.

Marko A. Rodriguez okram closed this February 18, 2014
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