Transformation Paths

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Pipes supports the notion of transformational paths (see Pipe.getPath()). It is possible to know how an object at the end a Pipe was transformed through all the stages of the Pipe.

Pipe<Object, Object> pipeline = new Pipeline<Object,Object>(...);
pipeline.setStarts(new SingleIterator<Object>(o));
while(pipeline.hasNext()) {
  Object object =;
  List<Object> path = pipeline.getPath();

Path Example

For example, assume a Pipeline with the following self-describing pipes: NumCharsPipe, NumToWordPipe, NumCharsPipe.

Pipeline<String,Integer> pipeline = new Pipeline(new NumCharsPipe(), new NumToWordPipe(), new NumCharsPipe());
while(pipeline.hasNext()) {;

The System.out yields:

[lady, 4, four, 4]
[in, 2, two, 3]
[red, 3, three, 5]

NOTE: See PathPipe<S> implements Pipe<S,List> for a pipe that takes in an object and emits the path thus far.