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Bump to 0.6.6. of MsgPack.

Fixes a problem with size limitations on Map and Array imposed by MsgPack that might be too small.  There is no configuration for that setting available in Rexster unfortunately.
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Rexster is a graph server that exposes any Blueprints graph through HTTP/REST and a binary protocol called RexPro. Extensions support standard traversal goals such as search, score, rank, and, in concert, recommendation. Rexster makes extensive use of Blueprints, Pipes, and Gremlin. In this way its possible to run Rexster over various graph systems including:

Rexster provides a browser-based user interface known as The Dog House. This interface allows for viewing vertices, edges, and their related properties. A web-based console for executing Gremlin scripts is provided along with a Rexster Console which allows remote evaluation of scripts within the Rexster Server context.

The documentation for Rexster can be found at this location. Finally, please visit TinkerPop for other software products.

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