Extension Annotations

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Extensions are identified by implementing the RexsterExtension interface and are defined and exposed through Rexster by way of the Annotations assigned to the extension class and its methods.

annotation arguments applies to description
@ExtensionNaming namespace, name class defines the namespace and identifying extension name
@ExtensionDescriptor description, api, apiBehavior method meta-data exposed through REST
@ExtensionApi parameterName, description ExtensionDescriptor.api defines the parameters of the extension
@ExtensionDefinition extensionPoint, path, tryIncludeRexsterAttributes, produces, method, autoCommitTransaction method defines how the extension is exposed in the REST API
@RexsterContext parameter Rexster will try to inject variables from its context into method parameters
@ExtensionRequestParameter name, description, defaultValue, parseToJson parameter Rexster will try to inject the value of the name from the request parameters