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Rexster is a graph server with direct support for searching, ranking, scoring, and more specifically, recommendation. Rexster exposes Blueprints enabled graphs over HTTP with RESTful endpoints, but also has a binary protocol called RexPro. Rexster is highly extensible through Rexster Extensions and a server-side initialized Gremlin script engine, making it possible to expose new kinds of functionality within its container. The general system architecture is diagrammed below.

Rexster makes extensive use of Blueprints. Blueprints, which among other things, is a collection of graph-based interfaces (e.g. graph, vertex, edge, etc.) and their implementations (e.g. Titan, OrientDB, Neo4j, OpenRDF, etc.). The benefit is that Rexster can be used with various graph backends by providing “plug and play” support. Two useful TinkerPop products that make use of Blueprints are:

  • Gremlin is a general-purpose, graph-based programming language
  • Pipes is a data processing framework that has support for processing Blueprints-based graphs.

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