Rexster Kibbles

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Rexster Kibbles is a collection of general-purpose extensions for Rexster. Each “kibble” is its own self-contained project in the repository. To install a kibble:

  1. Download the Kibble jar (or build the project)
  2. Drop the jar into the ext/ directory of Rexster
  3. Start (or restart) the server.

See also Deploying an Extension for information on configuration of rexster.xml.

The Kibbles

  • Sample Kibbles – a few well documented extension samples that should help those who want to get started extending Rexster
  • Frames Kibble – expose graph elements through a frame in the REST API
  • SPARQL Kibble – execute SPARQL queries on a graph.
  • Batch Kibble – execute a series of operations in a batch/transaction.
  • more to come!

Documentation on usage and configuration for individual Kibbles can be found in each Kibble’s respective README.textile.