The Benefits of Rexster

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Before diving into Rexster, its good to know what Rexster was designed for and what potential use it can serve. The following itemization provides a collection of reasons for using Rexster.

  • Rexster allows developers to communicate with Blueprints-enabled graphs in a language agnostic fashion. Blueprints is a Java API for graph databases. By using Rexster, the Blueprints API is exposed over HTTP/REST.
  • Rexster allows any Blueprints-enabled graph to exist as a standalone server. Thus, multiple clients communicate with the same graph database through Rexster.
  • Rexster provides ad-hoc queries through the graph traversal language Gremlin.
  • Rexster is extensible given the power of Extensions providing developer friendly classes that support common graph use cases such as searching, ranking, and recommendation.
  • The Rexster community provides a set of BSD-licensed extensions through the Rexster Kibbles.