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Game Demos for Voxel Tools for Godot

This project is a collection of demos for Zylann's Voxel Tools for Godot, a C++ module for the Godot game engine.

To use it, you need a version of Godot built with Voxel Tools. You can download my binaries. Or you can build Godot from source by following the instructions in the Voxel Tools repository linked above.

Voxel Tools is alpha software and not yet feature complete. These scenes are just demos to learn from. Most voxel related issues should be reported to the Voxel Tools repository above.

This project is a fork of Zylann's demo scenes. It contains all of his projects and an FPS/TPS shooter game demo that I wrote. It will not be merged upstream.


FPS (and TPS) Demo

Found in the fps_demo directory. This demo has several example scenes. Double click a scene, then press F6 to run it. All have the following controls:


  • W/A/S/D/Space - Move player, Jump
  • Mouse wheel - Move the camera between 3rd person and first person
  • Left mouse button - Shoot a bullet that adds terrain
  • Right mouse button - Shoot a bullet that destroys terrain
  • CTRL+mouse button - Shoot a bouncy ball that grows
  • P - rotate between render modes (normal, no shading, overdraw, wireframe)
  • F - toggle full screen
  • Tab - toggle UI
  • Esc - toggle mouse capture


  1. heightmap_smooth.tscn - VoxelTerrain using the smooth Dual Marching Cubes (DMC) mesher, and a heightmap image as the data source.
  2. heightmap_blocky.tscn - VoxelTerrain using the blocky mesher and a heightmap image as the data source. Textured with vertex-color.
  3. heightmap_smooth_lod.tscn - VoxelLODTerrain using a heightmap image. Supports Levels Of Detail(LOD). Terrain is not yet editable.
  4. noise_smooth_lod.tscn - VoxelLODTerrain using the smooth DMC mesher and OpenSimplexNoise as the data source. Supports Levels Of Detail(LOD). Terrain is not yet editable. Press 'N' to generate a new terrain with randomized noise values.
  5. custom_stream.tscn - Generates a VoxelTerrain from code, and provides a data source from code. Read through to see what options you can turn on and off to try out the different types of terrains. Press 'Delete' to free the terrain and 'N' to regenerate it.


  • The Player object exports a Jump_is_jetpack option in the Inspector to toggle jump/jetpack mode. It also exports walk and jump speeds.

  • The camera does a pretty good job of detecting collisions and moving in closer to the player when you're inside a cave. Then it automatically pulls back after the camera_pullback_delay exported by the player. Use the wheel to override and keep the zoom in tighter.

  • For older systems, you can increase performance with the following tips:

    • Use grass-rock.material instead of grass-rock2.material (which has extra texture lookups and is significantly slower)
    • Decrease shadow length to say 20 or 0. (World Environment scene, Directional Light)
    • Also, you generally want to keep vsync off and multithreaded off, which both currently slow down updates to the terrain.
  • Materials

    • vertex-color.material - Plain white shader with vertex_color_use_as_albedo enabled. Use it on a blocky terrain to see the built in ambient occlusion.
    • grass-rock and grass-rock2.material - These are shaders that allow for separate top and sides/bottom textures, each having triplanar mapped albedo, normal and AO maps. V2 also detiles the textures so when viewed from a distance you don't see the repeating pattern of a tiled texture. It is however a little more expensive.
    • uv_checker.material - A numbered texture map for evaluating UVs.

Zylann's Demos


  • main.tscn - VoxelTerrain with the blocky mesher, using a heightmap image for the source data.
    • W/A/S/D/Space/Clicks/Wheel
    • 1 - Shadows on/off
    • 2 - Vsync on/off
    • F3 - Show map of built chunks


  • main.tscn - VoxelTerrain with the smooth mesher, using a heightmap image for the source data.
  • main_lod.tscn - VoxelLODTerrain with 3D noise for the source data.
    • W/A/S/D/Space/Clicks/Wheel (same for both)


  • main.tscn - A basic demo of moving a voxel cube around, using the smooth DMC mesher.
    • W/A/S/D/Space/Clicks/Wheel
    • Arrows/page up/page down move the voxel cube
    • Keypad +/- to adjust size
    • Keypad 3/4 to rotate

Archived Demos

GDScript Only Implementation

  • The old, unmaintained, GDScript-only version of Voxel Tools can be found in the full_gdscript branch.


  • transvoxel_test.tscn - An initial test demo for a mesher that uses the transvoxel isometric algorithm. The mesher is not complete in VT and this demo is broken. Don't use.


Voxel world prototype made with Godot Engine







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