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commit 9fbc06c347833dd9ab3fdb1cd34c9a0eb2d520d9 2 parents 2e44dc0 + 1353ff9
@tinogomes authored
Showing with 10 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +10 −7 plugins/rails3/rails3.plugin.zsh
17 plugins/rails3/rails3.plugin.zsh
@@ -8,22 +8,25 @@ function _rails_command () {
+alias -g RED='RAILS_ENV=development'
+alias -g REP='RAILS_ENV=production'
+alias -g RET='RAILS_ENV=test'
+alias devlog='tail -f log/development.log'
alias rc='_rails_command console'
alias rd='_rails_command destroy'
alias rdb='_rails_command dbconsole'
alias rdbm='rake db:migrate db:test:clone'
+alias rdm='rake db:migrate'
+alias rdm='_run-with-bundler rake db:migrate'
+alias rdr='rake db:rollback'
+alias rdr='_run-with-bundlerrake db:rollback'
alias rg='_rails_command generate'
alias rgm='_rails_command generate migration'
alias rp='_rails_command plugin'
-alias ru='_rails_command runner'
alias rs='_rails_command server'
alias rsd='_rails_command server --debugger'
-alias devlog='tail -f log/development.log'
-alias rdm='rake db:migrate'
-alias rdr='rake db:rollback'
-alias -g RET='RAILS_ENV=test'
-alias -g REP='RAILS_ENV=production'
-alias -g RED='RAILS_ENV=development'
+alias ru='_rails_command runner'
alias rspec='_run-with-bundler rspec'
alias cuke='_run-with-bundler cucumber'
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