Classes and extensions to make working with the UniData Java API via JRuby easier.
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UDJrb is a set of classes and extensions to make it easier to work with the UniData Java API. UDJrb includes a copy of asjava.jar, and loads it automatically when you require the library. So, all you need to get start is to install UDJrb via gem install udjrb and require it with require 'udjrb'.


To connect to a UniData database, use the UDJrb::Session object.

session = "username", "password", "host", "account"

This will automatically connect you to the database. Once you're connected, there are a few methods available to you:

  • session.unijava - returns the underlying asjava.uniobjects.UniJava object.
  • session.session - returns the underlying UniSession object.
  • session.disconnect - disconnect cleanly from the database (uses UniJava#closeSession()).

Any other method you call will be passed through to the underlying UniSession object, which means you can open files, etc. just by calling the method you would normally call on a UniSession instance:

person = "PERSON"
person.set_record_id "0123456"
puts "First Name: #{person.read_named_field 'FIRST.NAME'}"
puts "Last Name:  #{person.read_named_field 'LAST.NAME'}"

UniFile Extensions

The following extensions have been added to UniFile:

  • - convienence method for file.read_named_field(field).

UniDynArray Extensions

The following extensions have been added to UniDynArray:

  • each - returns each value from the first field in the array (to_s is called on each element).
  • include Enumerable - gives access to the Enumerable methods by way of each.