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a tool for viewing items from your massive collection of pornographic manga at random

i used to host a demo instance using a few things from's manga library, but i currently don't have access to a server i can do that with, sorry :<

hit enter or close the gallery (with the x or by scrolling vertically) to get something new, more details in use below


  • can scan a library of thousands of mangas in less than a second
  • handles mangas saved as directories full of images, or as .rar/cbr or .zip/cbz archives
  • support for keyboard shortcuts and touch devices via photoswipe
  • in-browser rotation, just in case you're lying down and using a widescreen laptop
  • quick filtering, just in case you're in the mood for something specific
  • right-to-left layout, just in case you're a weeb nerd


  • python 3.5 or newer (os.scandir is just too good)
  • unrar, which is probably available from your package manager as unrar
  • libjpeg and zlib (so that we can run PIL and determine image resolutions)
  • a directory full of porn manga (more details in library format below)

optional extras:

  • magic (for improving archive file type detection), probably magic or libmagic in your package manager


pip3 install friction

or, to upgrade from an older version:

pip3 install -U friction


cd '~/Desktop/vegetable taxes'  # or wherever your porn is

then open http://localhost:5000/ in your browser of choice

for quick navigation between pages, you can swipe if you're on a touchscreen device, or you can use your arrow keys

when you want something new, hit enter or swipe vertically and it'll pick another thing for you

if you do this accidentally, just hit back in your browser and you'll go back to the thing you were looking at before

if you have something in particular in mind, press o or tap/click at the bottom left of the screen and you'll get a menu with a field you can type into to filter what the choices are being made from. the filtering is pretty basic, it just checks to see if your query is present in the file's path. it's case insensitive. on a computer with a keyboard, the intended workflow to change your filter is to hit o, type something, and hit enter

the form that the filter field lives in also has rotation options, for if you're using a computer with an inappropriate aspect ratio or you're lying down or whatever


library format

your library can be structured and nested however you like, but friction has a particular idea of what counts as a single manga, inspired by what i've encountered in batches of scans i've seen

basically, one manga is either a flat directory containing images or a zip/rar/cbz/cbr archive containing images in any structure

this precludes, for instance, archives that contain other archives, as i've not seen anyone distributing scans in such a format with any regularity

if you have a library that's formatted differently and would like friction to support it, please let me know


friction doesn't use photoswipe's built-in fullscreen support, primarily because it'd break every time you reloaded the page, and that'd be awful

your browser probably has an option to go fullscreen and hide the UI completely; i know at least that desktop chrome and safari do

listening and security

by default, friction listens at, but you can change that with the FH and FP environment variables, for example:

FH= FP=8009 friction

this will be necessary if, for instance, you're wanting to use a phone or tablet or just a computer other than the one your library is on

i'd advise caution if you intend to host friction to untrusted third parties, for instance on the public web. i've made effort to protect against access to files that aren't in the library, and im happy enough with that that i was hosting a demo instance back when i had a VM. i am not a security auditor, though, and with large compressed libraries and long uptimes, it might be possible to DOS a server, since friction extracts archives to a temporary directory and only removes them when you quit. if your library is all directories and no archives, though, you should be fine


friction is a pretty simple flask app, and respects all the environment variables flask does, so if you want to develop locally, you can clone this repo, python develop, and then run:

FLASK_DEBUG=true friction

thanks to


a browser-based gallery viewer tailored for viewing large collections of pornographic manga




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