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@chillallmen tweeted this gem so i made @littlepileof


get a unix-looking system with python 2, then clone and cd to this repo, then run:

pip2 install -r requirements.txt
python2 -c 'import nltk;"wordnet")'


if you just want to generate dumb fake sotn quotes at your command line, all you need to do at this point is run python2

$ python2
A prolonged little pile of separations.
An interdependent little pile of fences.
A razor-sharp little pile of lilts.
A kindly little pile of supermarkets.
A radial little pile of solipsisms.
A scorched little pile of registrations.
An adverse little pile of sheets.
An atrophied little pile of tentacles.
A precarious little pile of indignations.
A pert little pile of diabetics.

note that this command might take a minute or two to run; there are a lot of words to try

if you want to tweet, you will need to make a twitter app. if you make the app using the account that will be tweeting, twitter will give you all the keys you need. if you don't, though, you'll need to follow tweepy's instructions to get the 'consumer token' or whatever they call it. however you get them, make a file called alongside the rest of the stuff in the folder you're in and make it look like this (but with real keys):


to tweet, you should now be able to run python2 (but remember it will take a few minutes). i run as a service on my server to keep the posts a-coming, but you can do whatever you like, i'm not the boss of you

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