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struct file {
enum { FD_NONE, FD_PIPE, FD_INODE } type;
int ref; // reference count
char readable;
char writable;
struct pipe *pipe;
struct inode *ip;
uint off;
// in-memory copy of an inode
struct inode {
uint dev; // Device number
uint inum; // Inode number
int ref; // Reference count
int flags; // I_BUSY, I_VALID
short type; // copy of disk inode
short major;
short minor;
short nlink;
uint size;
uint addrs[NDIRECT+1];
#define I_BUSY 0x1
#define I_VALID 0x2
// table mapping major device number to
// device functions
struct devsw {
int (*read)(struct inode*, char*, int);
int (*write)(struct inode*, char*, int);
extern struct devsw devsw[];
#define CONSOLE 1
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