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// Memory layout
#define EXTMEM 0x100000 // Start of extended memory
#define PHYSTOP 0xE000000 // Top physical memory
#define DEVSPACE 0xFE000000 // Other devices are at high addresses
// Key addresses for address space layout (see kmap in vm.c for layout)
#define KERNBASE 0x80000000 // First kernel virtual address
#define KERNLINK (KERNBASE+EXTMEM) // Address where kernel is linked
#ifndef __ASSEMBLER__
static inline uint v2p(void *a) { return ((uint) (a)) - KERNBASE; }
static inline void *p2v(uint a) { return (void *) ((a) + KERNBASE); }
#define V2P(a) (((uint) (a)) - KERNBASE)
#define P2V(a) (((void *) (a)) + KERNBASE)
#define V2P_WO(x) ((x) - KERNBASE) // same as V2P, but without casts
#define P2V_WO(x) ((x) + KERNBASE) // same as V2P, but without casts
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