A Leaflet plugin to periodically ('live') update something on a map
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A Leaflet plugin to periodically ('live') update something on a map (Demo)


Leaflet.Liveupdate is a simple control to update features of a Leaflet map periodically using a callback function.

A control button is added to the map, with which the live updates can be stopped and restarted.

Using the Liveupdate

L.control.liveupdate ({
    update_map: function () {
    position: 'topleft'

Available Options:

There are some options:

position: (string) The standard Leaflet.Control position parameter. Optional, defaults to 'topleft'

update_map: (function) The callback function that is called periodically

title: (object) An object that defines the message that is displayed on the map when liveupdate is toggled on or off. A Leaflet.Messagebox must be added to the map for this to work. Optional, defaults to

    'false': 'Start live updates',
    'true': 'Stop live updates'

interval: (integer) The number of milliseconds in the interval in which the update should be repeated. Optional, defaults to 10000 (10 seconds).

Public methods

isUpdating(): Is the control currently active? Returns true or false.

toggleUpdating(): Stop updating when active, start updating otherwise. Returns 'this'.

startUpdating(): Start updating. Returns 'this'.

stopUpdating(): Stop updating. Returns 'this'.

updateNow(): Run the update function once, regardless of isUpdating(). Returns 'this'.


The liveupdate button can be styled with CSS, see the css file for details.


Leaflet.Liveupdate is free software. Please see LICENSE for details.