A Leaflet plugin to display a temporary message on a map
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A Leaflet plugin to display a temporary message on a map (Demo)


Leaflet.Messagebox is a simple control to display a temporary message, like an error, on a Leaflet map. The message is hidden after a configurable timeout.

Using the Messagebox

There a are two ways to add the messagebox to the map. First:

var options = { timeout: 5000 }
var box = L.control.messagebox(options).addTo(map);

or, add it on map initialization:

var map = L.map( 'mapdiv', {'messagebox': true, ...} );
map.messagebox.options.timeout = 5000;

Then, show a message:

box.show( 'This is the message' );

or, when implicitly used with the map:

map.messagebox.show( 'This is the message' );

Available Options:

There are only two options:

position: (string) The standard Leaflet.Control position parameter. Optional, defaults to 'topright'

timeout: (integer) The duration the messagebox is shown in milliseconds. Optional, defaults to 3000 (3 sec).


The messagebox can be styled with CSS, see the css file for details.


Leaflet.Messagebox is free software. Please see LICENSE for details.