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-PyGTK Geotagging application
-This application is intended to become an easy-to-use geotagging application.
-It is written in Python, using PyGTK [1], osm-gps-map [2] and pyexiv2 [3]. It
-will support multiple online maps, like OpenStreetMap, OpenCycleMap and
-maybe even Google Maps.
-The idea is simple:
-1. Select a directory containing JPG files
-2. Optionally, select a GPX file containing a GPS track
-3. Select a file, place a marker on the map
-4. Repeat 3 until done
-5. Save changes, updating the EXIF tags on the files
-Please refer to the changelog below to see what has been implemented so far.
-This project also serves as a learning excercise for me as a programmer. This
-is my first PyGTK program. The first code is based on the ''
-example that comes with osm-gps-map [4]. Some code was taken from
-GPX Viewer [5].
-This program was created by Martijn Grendelman <> is copyright (C) Hadley Rich 2008 <>
-Code taken from GPX Viewer (C) 2009 Andrew Gee <>
-2012-09-24 - Some UI improvements, some borrowed from GPX Viewer
-2012-09-21 - Create a second column in the file list, displaying the EXIF
- DateTime. Add File menu items.
-2012-09-20 - Take '' and add some GTK widgets, like menubar and file
- list. The directory with JPG files is hardcoded, until a
- 'Open directory' dialog has been added.

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