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Neo4j - The World's Leading Graph Database

Neo4j is a high-performance, NOSQL graph database with all the features of a mature and robust database. The programmer works with an object-oriented, flexible network structure rather than with strict and static tables — yet enjoys all the benefits of a fully transactional, enterprise-strength database. For many applications, Neo4j offers performance improvements on the order of 1000x or more compared to relational DBs.

Neo4j is an open source (you're reading it) project available in a GPLv3 Community edition, with Advanced and Enterprise editions available under both the AGPLv3 and commercial licenses, supported by Neo Technology.

More about Neo4j.

Using Neo4j

Neo4j is available both as a standalone server, or an embedded component. You can download or try online.

Extending Neo4j

We encourage everyone to experiment with Neo4j. You can build extensions to Neo4j, or make contributions to the product itself. Please note that you'll need to sign a Contributor License Agreement in order for us to accept your patches.

Please note that this GitHub repository contains mixed GPL and AGPL code. Our community edition (in the community/ directory) is GPL. Our advanced and enterprise editions (advanced/ and enterprise/, you get the drill) are Affero GPL and so have different licensing implications.

Building Neo4j

Neo4j is built using Apache Maven version 3.

A plain mvn clean install will build the individual jar files, but not assemble them into product packages. The documentation won't get built either, nor the OS packaging. Execution of unit tests is included in the build.

To add execution of integration tests, use: mvn clean install -DrunITs

In case you just want the jars, not even compiling the tests, this is for you: mvn clean install -DminimalBuild

To build everything, including running all tests, producing documentation and assembling product packages, use mvn clean install -DfullBuild

For how to make the documentation build go, see: manual/

When building on Windows, use -Dlicensing.skip to avoid problems related to line endings.

When building code from a different year, you are likely to see failures due to outdated license headers. The license header check can be skipped by appending the following to the command line: -Dlicense.skip=true

We also supply commercial licenses. Please contact Neo Technology for more information.

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