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PhippsAI - Your Personal AI Butler

A library for local LLM Interfering using Ollama to build AI tools and agents in Delphi.


Our development motto:

  • We will not release products that are buggy, incomplete, adding new features over not fixing underlying issues.
  • We will strive to fix issues found with our products in a timely manner.
  • We will maintain an attitude of quality over quantity for our products.
  • We will establish a great rapport with users/customers, with communication, transparency and respect, always encouragingng feedback to help shape the direction of our products.
  • We will be decent, fair, remain humble and committed to the craft.


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Proud to be an Embarcadero Technical Partner.

As an Embarcadero Technical Partner, I'm committed to providing high-quality Delphi components and tools that enhance developer productivity and harness the power of Embarcadero's developer tools.