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聚焦 Linux,追本溯源,见微知著!社区新上 Linux 程序员基本素养训练视频课程 :《360° 剖析 Linux ELF》,欢迎订阅:


  1. open-c-book Public

    开源书籍:《C语言编程透视》,配套视频课程《360° 剖析 Linux ELF》已上线,视频讲解更为系统和深入,欢迎订阅:

    Shell 792 229

  2. 开源书籍:《Shell 编程范例》,面向操作对象学 Shell!本书作者发布了《360°剖析 Linux ELF》视频课程,欢迎订阅:

    Ruby 745 181

  3. elinux Public

    嵌入式 Linux 知识库 ( 中文翻译计划;本项目发起人发布了《360° 剖析 Linux ELF》视频课程,欢迎订阅:

    Shell 222 123

  4. linux-lab Public

    Docker/Qemu Based Linux Kernel Learning, Development and Testing Environment; New Linux ELF Video Course from this project author:

    Makefile 982 162

  5. cloud-lab Public

    Docker based Cloud Lab Center, with noVNC and Gateone attachable LXDE Desktop and SSH Terminal. 本项目作者发布了《360° 剖析 Linux ELF》视频课程,欢迎订阅:

    Shell 200 73


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