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$tinyteach_from_email = ""; //mail uses this from address (must be valid domain on your host)
$tinyteach_to_email = ''; //address submitted data is sent to
$tinyteach_submission_msg = 'Submit your answers. Please enter a valid email.'; //Submission Prompt Text
$tinyteach_nonsubmission_msg = 'Return to the Tiny Teach online index.'; //Prompt Text when Submission disabled
$tinyteach_askforemail = true; //True if submissions are required, false to disable
$tinyteach_circular_slides = true; //True to enable circular borders on slides
$tinyteach_logo = "./assets/ttlogo.png"; //Location of Index page Logo
$tinyteach_title = "Welcome to Tiny Teach"; //Site title