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  • compiler
    • fix objcopy replacement to include the .data section in the firmware image
    • use llvm-ar-7 on Linux to fix the Docker image


  • compiler
    • switch to the hardfloat ABI on ARM, which is more widely used
    • avoid a dependency on objcopy (arm-none-eabi-objcopy etc.)
    • fix a bug in make([]T, n) where n is 64-bits on a 32-bit platform
    • adapt to a change in the AVR backend in LLVM 8
    • directly support the .uf2 firmware format as used on Adafruit boards
    • fix a bug when calling panic() at init time outside of the main package
    • implement nil checks, which results in a ~5% increase in code size
    • inline slice bounds checking, which results in a ~1% decrease in code size
  • targets
    • samd21: fix a bug in port B pins
    • samd21: implement SPI peripheral
    • samd21: implement ADC peripheral
    • stm32: fix a bug in timekeeping
    • wasm: fix a bug in wasm_exec.js that caused corruption in linear memory when running on Node.js.


  • compiler
    • remove old -initinterp flag
    • add support for macOS
  • cgo
    • add support for bool/float/complex types
  • standard library
    • device/arm: add support to disable/enable hardware interrupts
    • machine: add CPU frequency for nrf-based boards
    • syscall: add support for darwin/amd64
  • targets
    • circuitplay_express: add support for this board
    • microbit: add regular pin constants
    • samd21: fix time function for goroutine support
    • samd21: add support for USB-CDC (serial over USB)
    • samd21: add support for pins in port B
    • samd21: add support for pullup and pulldown pins
    • wasm: add support for Safari in example


  • command line
    • add version subcommand
  • compiler
    • fix a bug in floating point comparisons with NaN values
    • fix a bug when calling panic in package initialization code
    • add support for comparing complex64 and complex128
  • cgo
    • add support for external globals
    • add support for pointers and function pointers
  • standard library
    • fmt: initial support, fmt.Println works
    • math: support for most/all functions
    • os: initial support (only stdin/stdout/stderr)
    • reflect: initial support
    • syscall: add support for amd64, arm, and arm64
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