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main: version 0.8.0

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aykevl authored and deadprogram committed Sep 15, 2019
1 parent 86acfc7 commit cc313798f381532e4874a7166fa3c216234c005d
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@@ -1,3 +1,52 @@
* **command line**
- fix parsing of beta Go versions
- check the major/minor installed version of Go before compiling
- validate `-target` flag better to not panic on an invalid target
* **compiler**
- implement full slice expression: `s[:2:4]`
- fix a crash when storing a linked list in an interface
- fix comparing struct types by making type IDs more unique
- fix some bugs in IR generation
- add support for linked lists in reflect data
- implement `[]rune` to string conversion
- implement support for `go` on func values
* **standard library**
- `reflect`: add support for named types
- `reflect`: add support for `t.Bits()`
- `reflect`: add basic support for `t.AssignableTo()`
- `reflect`: implement `t.Align()`
- `reflect`: add support for struct types
- `reflect`: fix bug in `v.IsNil` and `v.Pointer` for addressable values
- `reflect`: implement support for array types
- `reflect`: implement `t.Comparable()`
- `runtime`: implement stack-based scheduler
- `runtime`: fix bug in the sleep queue of the scheduler
- `runtime`: implement `memcpy` for Cortex-M
- `testing`: implement stub `testing.B` struct
- `testing`: add common test logging methods such as Errorf/Fatalf/Printf
* **targets**
- `386`: add support for linux/386 syscalls
- `atsamd21`: make SPI pins configurable so that multiple SPI ports can be
- `atsamd21`: correct issue with invalid first reading coming from ADC
- `atsamd21`: add support for reset-to-bootloader using 1200baud over USB-CDC
- `atsamd21`: make pin selection more flexible for peripherals
- `atsamd21`: fix minimum delay in `time.Sleep`
- `atsamd51`: fix minimum delay in `time.Sleep`
- `nrf`: improve SPI write-only speed, by making use of double buffering
- `stm32f103`: fix SPI frequency selection
- `stm32f103`: add machine.Pin.Get method for reading GPIO values
- `stm32f103`: allow board specific UART usage
- `nucleo-f103rb`: add support for NUCLEO-F103RB board
- `itsybitsy-m4`: add support for this board with a SAMD51 family chip
- `cortex-m`: add support for `arm.SystemReset()`
- `gameboy-advance`: add initial support for the GameBoy Advance
- `wasm`: add `//go:wasm-module` magic comment to set the wasm module name
- `wasm`: add syscall/js.valueSetIndex support
- `wasm`: add syscall/js.valueInvoke support

* **targets**
@@ -2,4 +2,4 @@ package main

// version of this package.
// Update this value before release of new version of software.
const version = "0.8.0-dev"
const version = "0.8.0"

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