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Release 0.10.0

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This release adds support for blocking select, switches to LLVM 9, improves CGo support, improves support for the ATSAMD51 ("M4") chip, and generally has a lot of improvements and bug fixes throughout. It also adds support for a number of new boards: the Adafruit Feather M4, the Adafruit Metro M4 Express AirLift, the PineTime dev kit, and the "X9 Pro" smartwatch.

  • command line
    • halt GDB after flashing with gdb subcommand
    • fix a crash when using -ocd-output
    • add info subcommand
    • add -programmer flag
  • builder
    • macos: use llvm@8 instead of just llvm in paths
    • add linkerscript key to target JSON files
    • write a symbol table when writing out the compiler-rt lib
    • make Clang header detection more robust
    • switch to LLVM 9
  • compiler
    • fix interface miscompilation with reflect
    • fix miscompile of static goroutine calls to closures
    • fix todo: store panic
    • fix incorrect starting value for optimized allocations in a loop
    • optimize coroutines on non-Cortex-M targets
    • fix crash for programs which have heap allocations but never hit the GC
    • add support for async interface calls
    • fix inserting non-const values in a const global
    • interp: improve error reporting
    • interp: implement comparing ptrtoint to 0
  • cgo
    • improve diagnostics
    • implement the constant parser (for #define) as a real parser
    • rename reserved field names such as type
    • avoid "unsafe" imported but not used error
    • include all enums in the CGo Go AST
    • add support for nested structs and unions
    • implement #cgo CFLAGS
  • standard library
    • reflect: add implementation of array alignment
    • runtime: improve scheduler performance when no goroutines are queued
    • runtime: add blocking select
    • runtime: implement interface equality in non-trivial cases
    • runtime: add AdjustTimeOffset to update current time
    • runtime: only implement CountString for required platforms
    • runtime: use MSP/PSP registers for scheduling on Cortex-M
  • targets
    • arm: add system timer registers
    • atmega: add port C GPIO support
    • atsamd21: correct handling of pins >= 32
    • atsamd21: i2s initialization fixes
    • atsamd51: fix clock init code
    • atsamd51: correct initialization for RTC
    • atsamd51: fix pin function selection
    • atsamd51: pin method cleanup
    • atsamd51: allow setting pin mode for each of the SPI pins
    • atsamd51: correct channel init and pin map for ADC based on ItsyBitsy-M4
    • feather-m4: add Adafruit Feather M4 board
    • hifive1b: add support for SPI1
    • hifive1b: fix compiling in simulation
    • linux: fix time on arm32
    • metro-m4: add support for Adafruit Metro M4 Express Airlift board
    • metro-m4: fixes for UART2
    • pinetime-devkit0: add support for the PineTime dev kit
    • x9pro: add support for this smartwatch
    • pca10040-s132v6: add support for SoftDevice
    • pca10056-s140v7: add support for SoftDevice
    • arduino-nano33: added SPI1 connected to NINA-W102 chip on Arduino Nano 33 IO