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@aykevl aykevl released this Dec 23, 2019 · 71 commits to master since this release

This release includes a few significant usability improvements: it bundles Clang in the release tarball, auto-detects the serial port on macOS, and adds support for tinygo flash on Windows. There are also other changes, such as the addition of the Adafruit PyBadge and a critical fix to RISC-V support.

  • command line
    • add support for QEMU in gdb subcommand
    • use builtin Clang when building statically, dropping the clang-9 dependency
    • search for default serial port on both macOS and Linux
    • windows: support tinygo flash directly by using win32 wmi
  • compiler
    • add location information to the IR checker
    • make reflection sidetables constant globals
    • improve error locations in goroutine lowering
    • interp: improve support for maps with string keys
    • interp: add runtime fallback for mapassign operations
  • standard library
    • machine: add support for SPI.Tx() on
    • machine: rename CPU_FREQUENCY to CPUFrequency()
  • targets
    • adafruit-pybadge: add Adafruit Pybadge
    • arduino-nano33: allow simulation on
    • arduino-nano33: fix default SPI pin numbers to be D13/D11/D12
    • circuitplay-express: allow simulation on
    • hifive1-qemu: add target for testing RISC-V bare metal in QEMU
    • riscv: fix heap corruption due to changes in LLVM 9
    • riscv: add support for compiler-rt
    • qemu: rename to cortex-m-qemu
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