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Release 0.6.0

@aykevl aykevl released this
· 564 commits to master since this release
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Version 0.6.0 again has many improvements. Big changes are much better CGo support, support for js.FuncOf (Go 1.12+), and support for two new boards: the Adafruit Feather M0 and the Adafruit Trinket M0. Other than that, there were lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes.


  • command line
    • some portability improvements
    • make $GOROOT more robust and configurable
    • check for Clang at the Homebrew install location as fallback
  • compiler driver
    • support multiple variations of LLVM commands, for non-Debian distributions
  • compiler
    • improve code quality in multiple ways
    • make panic configurable, adding trap on panic
    • refactor many internal parts of the compiler
    • print all errors encountered during compilation
    • implement calling function values of a named type
    • implement returning values from blocking functions
    • allow larger-than-int values to be sent across a channel
    • implement complex arithmetic
    • improve hashmap support
    • add debuginfo for function arguments
    • insert nil checks on stores (increasing code size)
    • implement volatile operations as compiler builtins
    • add //go:inline pragma
    • add build tags for the Go stdlib version
  • cgo
    • implement char, enum and void* types
    • support #include for builtin headers
    • improve typedef/struct/enum support
    • only include symbols that are necessary, for broader support
    • mark external function args as nocapture
    • implement support for some #define constants
    • implement support for multiple CGo files in a single package
  • standard library
    • machine: remove microbit matrix (moved to drivers repository)
    • machine: refactor pins to use Pin type instead of GPIO
    • runtime: print more interface types on panic, including error
  • targets
    • arm: print an error on HardFault (including stack overflows)
    • atsamd21: fix a bug in the ADC peripheral
    • atsamd21: add support for I2S
    • feather-m0: add support for this board
    • nrf51: fix a bug in I2C
    • stm32f103xx: fix a bug in I2C
    • syscall: implement Exit on unix
    • trinket-m0: add support for this board
    • wasm: make main example smaller
    • wasm: don't cache wasm file in the server, for ease of debugging
    • wasm: work around bug #41508 that caused a deadlock while linking
    • wasm: add support for js.FuncOf