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@aykevl aykevl released this Oct 17, 2019 · 369 commits to master since this release

This release adds experimental support for Windows, updates to support Go 1.13, improves flashing experience of many boards (no more button pressing), and adds support for buffered channels. There are also lots of other smaller changes, see the list below.


  • command line
    • implement 1200-baud UART bootloader reset when flashing boards that support it
    • flash using mass-storage device for boards that support it
    • implement tinygo env
    • add support for Windows (but not yet producing Windows binaries)
    • add Go version to tinygo env
    • update SVD files for up-to-date peripheral interfaces
  • compiler
    • add //go:align pragma
    • fix bug related to type aliases
    • add support for buffered channels
    • remove incorrect reflect optimization
    • implement copying slices in init interpretation
    • add support for constant indices with a named type
    • add support for recursive types like linked lists
    • fix miscompile of function nil panics
    • fix bug related to goroutines
  • standard library
    • machine: do not check for nil slices in SPI.Tx
    • reflectlite: add support for Go 1.13
    • runtime: implement internal/bytealg.CountString
    • sync: properly handle nil New func in sync.Pool
  • targets
    • arduino: fix .bss section initialization
    • fe310: implement Pin.Get
    • gameboy-advance: support directly outputting .gba files
    • samd: reduce code size by avoiding reflection
    • samd21: do not hardcode pin numbers for peripherals
    • stm32f103: avoid issue with time.Sleep less than 200µs
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