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Tiny Lab Productions Library

This is library which we, Tiny Lab Productions use in our Unity3D games.

It contains various things, including but not limited to:

  • Android utilities.
  • BiMap.
  • Promises & Futures, CoRoutine helpers.
  • Various data structures.
  • Iter library - allocation free enumerators.
  • A bunch of extension methods.
  • JSON parser/emmiter.
  • Functional utilities: Option, Lazy, Tuple, Either, Try, Unit, co-variant functions and actions, rudimentary pattern matching.
  • Reactive extensions: observables, reactive references, lists and list views.
  • Tween utilities: mainly to make tweens type-safe.
  • Various other misc utilities.

Its documentation resides in our general knowledge base.


This library requires at least Unity 5.6. It brings its own compiler that is based off Roslyn compiler and []incremental compiler]( Our compiler can be found at .

Because we need the new compiler this only works where Mono VM or il2cpp is used. It does not support Mono AOT.

It also needs the excellent Advanced Inspector asset from Unity Asset Store. If you don't have it, you could edit out parts of the code with ifdefs and submit a pull request ;)

Design Considerations

AOT compilation restrictions were taken in mind when designing this library.


You are free to use this for your own games. Patches and improvements are welcome. A mention in your game credits would be nice.

If you are considering using this it would be also nice if you contacted me (Artūras Šlajus, so we could create a community around this.

Known bugs

Using in your project

There are various ways this library can be used in your project, but I suggest using a git submodule and symlinking the required code into your assets folder.

Alternatively you can just copy the whole Assets folder to your project and be done with it.

Defining compiler constants

There are bits of code that depend on third party libraries that you might not want to use in your project. They are disabled by default via precompiler defines.

If you wish to use them, you need to define the constants in Unity3D (Menu Bar > Edit > Project Settings > Player > (your platform) > Other Settings > Scripting Define Symbols).

  • GOTWEEN - if you are using GoKit.
  • DFGUI - if you are using Daikon Forge GUI. Beware that this also uses GOTWEEN as well.

Questions and feedback

Contact me at


Bunch of utilities for Unity3D game development.




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