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May 07, 2010
Johan Sörlin Fixed issue with fullscreen plugin. 9963a90
Johan Sörlin Added new release date. 2d9435d
May 10, 2010
FIXED: Building moxiedoc on non-windows platforms now works. 95a0848
FIXED: Selection class in WebKit and Opera didn't preserve element se…
FIXED: Font face tests in Opera fc11795
MAINTENANCE: Created a test utils file to store common functions. 21c0cf1
FIXED: Safari inserted extra <p>nbsp;</p> elements when an entire single
paragraph was selected and the user pasted.  See Paste Word Fake List
MAINTENANCE: IE only tests are now skipped on other browsers fa41aee
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where a editor.focus call could produce errors on IE in ver…
…y specific scenarios.
May 11, 2010
FIXED: WebKit serialization bug test failed in Chrome due to differen…
…ces in the way the parser handled invalid HTML.
FIXED: IE range implementation returned incorrect values when the caret
was positioned on the left of a table.
Johan Sörlin Fixed issue with rng variable not being defined and so that the "care…
…t position before table test" runs individually.
Expanding list of elements in WebKit that should pass through enter e…
…vents in force_br_newlines mode.
May 14, 2010
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where Gecko would produce an error if you unformatted text …
…inside an empty element.
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where IE would produce an error if the caret was placed bef…
…ore a table and you used the align buttons.
May 18, 2010
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where the font size drop down didn't display the a preview …
May 19, 2010
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where the paste plugin wouldn't include all contents some t…
…imes on WebKit browsers.
Johan Sörlin Fixed case issue for Safari Mac. a666c70
Johan Sörlin Fixed bug where the editors statusbar would become invisible when you…
… resized the window in fullscreen mode.
May 20, 2010
Johan Sörlin Added release date. 0023e72
Johan Sörlin Fixed so all . prefixed files are removed from builds. d3591c7
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