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With this option enabled, the user can "apply" an automatic (i.e., no color) format that will remove all forecolor/hilitecolor formatting from the selected content so that the default color is shown. In addition, the buttons will no longer act as toggles; instead, they will only apply colors (including "applying" the absence of color) and, thus, behave more like MS Word color buttons.

The automatic color format option is enabled by adding the following to the tinymce configuration:

textcolor_autocolor: true,

N.B., the commit includes 2 additional fixes to the formatter.remove method:

  1. Line 733 - the underlining adjustment was moved in its entirety into the process sub-method. The code block didn't seem to be working when it should have at its original position.
  2. Line 865 - the fix for webkit bug #6410 has been broadened to cover cases where a range starts outside a table and ends in a table cell. The fix now reads very much like the other webkit fix just above it.

Covered in version 4.1.

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