A modern theme for MediaWiki, built on Bootystrap 3 and Skinny.
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##No longer maintained! This repo is no longer maintained. Please see Scaffold for an alternative.

Booty is a modern mobile-first responsive MediaWiki theme built on Bootstrap 3. Designed primarily for ease of customisation to create new skins, but with an initial set of clean templates which can be used as-is. Built ontop of Skinny, a MediaWiki skinning library, it allows defining skin variations and options on a per-page basis for awesome skin customisation, and splits the skin into discrete template files so creating subskins with slight html variations is a breeze.


Since Booty depends on functionality provided by Skinny, the easiest way to install is using composer.

composer require tinymighty/booty-skin

##Usage and customization Documentation coming when I have time - feel free to make an issue on the github repo with any questions until then.