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Tinymovr Motor Controller

This is the main repository for Tinymovr Motor Controller.

Tinymovr is an affordable motor controller for precise control of 3-phase brushless motors. Tinymovr is highly integrated incorporating an advanced MCU (Qorvo PAC5527), compact power stage, integrated absolute angle encoder (MPS MA702) and CAN and UART connectivity.


The master branch of this repository represents the state of art of development, and it may contain bugs. For a stable version, especially if you are starting with the project, please consider installing Tinymovr Studio from PyPI


For Tinymovr documentation, please visit the Tinymovr docs at Readthedocs.

Repository Structure

The repository is organized as follows:

firmware: Firmware for the PAC5527 MCU in Tinymovr

studio: Tinymovr Studio client software and library

hardware: Designs and drawings for related hardware

documentation: Documentation source

External Links

Project Page


BLDC-Design-Help Repository, with lots of useful information and Tinymovr benchmarks