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2019-05-31 cire <cire@zot>
- release tinyos-tools (1.4.2-tinyprod2)
- release tinyos-tools-14 (1.4.2-tinyprod2)
- release tinyos-tools-devel (1.5.0-tinyprod2)
new tinyos-tools-{14, devel, stable} packages. Incorporates $jhome/lib
path in search for java location. This lets tos-locate-jre function
properly on more modern distributions. Java moved some things around.
Ubuntu 18 is Java 11 while Debian 9 is Java 8. This probably has some
other issues.
tried to rebuild tinyos-tools-devel but ran into strange blocking erros
when building tinyos-tools-devel on a debian9-32 vm.
So took the packages, modified tos-locate-jre and rebuilt the repository
using the new -1 packages.
Current builds of older tinyos-tools (ie. -14 and -stable) is also
problematic because the world has moved on.
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