stabby is an alternative to alt tab madness
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sTabby - stop being so tabby!

I often have a lot of windows open, and I grew tired of alt-tabbing a bunch of times to get to the one I wanted, so I wrote sTabby! to solve this problem. My thinking was, when I go to alt-tab, I already know the window I want to go to, so what if I could instead type a key combination to just get to that specific window?

With sTabby! this is easily done. Once the program is started, I can assign a letter key to any window I want to quickly reach. Once that is done, I can just press my hotkey followed by a letter to reach the desired window.

Which turns this:

alt-tab alt-tab alt-tab "Is this the one I want? No." alt-tab alt-tab

Into this:

hotkey f

The default hotkey is Caps Lock, and although this can be changed I highly recommend you try it as-is.

I consider a two-key sequence (press Caps Lock, release, press f, release) much easier on the hand than a two-key combination. If you still need to use the functionality of Caps Lock, you can still use Shift + CapsLock to turn Caps Lock on and off.

However, it should still be easier than alt-tab if you use a different hotkey. You can right-click the tray icon and select Options to set the hotkey.

You can download the .exe here: