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Glitch Avatars — Vanity and Wardrobe

Glitch was a browser-based MMO created by Tiny Speck. This repository contains the art and source for the game's customizable avatars.


All files are provided by Tiny Speck under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal License. This is a broadly permissive "No Rights Reserved" license — you may do what you please with what we've provided. Our intention is to dedicate these works to the public domain and make them freely available to all, without restriction.

All files are provided AS-IS. Tiny Speck cannot provide any support to help you bring these assets into your own projects. Many of these files are not structured in a standard, straightforward way, and they may take a bit of your time and work to understand.

Note: the Glitch logo and trademark are not among the things we are making available under this license. Only items in the files explicitly included herein are covered.

There is no obligation to link or credit the works, but if you do, please link to, our permanent "retirement" site for the game and these assets. Of course, links/shoutouts to Tiny Speck ( and/or Slack ( are appreciated.

What you'll find in here:

The original artwork, animations, and Flash source for the facial customizations and wardrobe options in Glitch.

What is not included

The server-side code that turned all of the avatar configurations into the sprites used by the game.

The glitch-client repository contains the original implementation of the Vanity and Wardrobe. If you're trying to figure out how all these things work together, it may be a useful resource to you!

Documentation Contributions Are Welcome!

If you figure something out that you think others could learn from, write up a quick how-to document and submit it to us as a pull request. Share your knowledge!

Exceptions to the CC0 1.0 Universal License

This repository includes an adaptation of the ColorMatrix classes by Quasimondo and Grant Skinner. Our license does not cover their work.


Art and source for Glitch's customizable avatars






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