Common fallback searches for Zazu.
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Zazu Fallback

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Creates some great fallback / web search functionality for Zazu.


Prefixed Searches

If you want to search a specific place like npm, DuckDuckGo or Wikipedia you can type that prefix directly into zazu and off you go!

Available searches can be found below.

Root Searches

For commonly searched sites you would rather avoid typing in a prefix, because that's more typing! I'm glad we're on the same page. If you use one or more of these search enginges frequently you can turn on root level searches. If you tell us which sites you use often, we'll display the results even without the prefix!

For example if you tell us npm and gh are searched frequently and you type pryjs into zazu, we'll give you a link to search both of those websites!

URL Pasting

If you have a URL in your clipboard, or want to type one out, feel free to paste it into Zazu and we'll give you an inline link. This is great if your browser isn't open yet.


Add the package to your plugins array in ./zazurc.json.


To setup your prefered searches add a variable called rootSearches:

  "name": "tinytacoteam/zazu-fallback",
  "variables": {
    "rootSearches": ["npm", "google", "amazon", "giphy", "gh"]