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Zazu File Finder

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Find files and applications on your computer easily.


> find readme
> open readme

You can also find applications without a prefix by just typing in part of the name:

> chrome


Add tinytacoteam/zazu-file-finder inside of plugins block of your ~/.zazurc.json file.

  "plugins": [

If you want to overwrite the directories you can.

  • append if you want to keep the original, and just add additonal directories, set this to true
  • directories.filePath set this array for which paths you want FILES to be searched for via open * or find *
  • directories.appPath will be an array of places you wan to find your APPLICATIONS. For example chrome
  "plugins": [
      "name": "tinytacoteam/zazu-file-finder",
      "variables": {
        "append": true,
        "directories": {
          "filePath": [
          "appPath": [
          "excludeName": [
          "excludePath": [



WARNING: If you are on MacOS, you cannot test this plugin where Zazu installs it, since ~/.zazu as a hidden folder is ignored.

Run tests in current system environment:

npm run test

Run tests in Docker, which is helpful for running tests in Linux environment when using other platform such as macOS or Windows.

npm run docker-test