GIMP plugin to generate rock textures
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  • generates game-ready rock textures
  • creates both diffuse and normal map
  • easy and fast to use

How-to Install

  1. Install the Normal Map plugin (required):
  2. Download & extract my Rock Texture plugin
  3. Copy the file named 'gimp_rock-tex.scm' into your GIMP scripts folder
  4. Done! You can find the plugin in Filters>Render>Rock-Texture

How-to Use

  1. Open GIMP. Navigate to Filters>Render>Rock-Texture and click on "Rock-Texture".
  2. A dialogue window opens. You can set the size (in pixels) here and change the rocks color. Press on OK once you are done.
  3. Another dialogue window opens. Change the values until you are satisfied.
  4. Be sure that you've checked "tileable" and click on OK.
  5. Step 3 and 4 are repeated - this gives the rock additional detail! :)
  6. Done! You're texture is generated!


CC0/Public Domain