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Software update of the TIP TIG control panel

How to update the software of the new control panel.

TIP TIG Control Panel

For more information about our products and their applications, check out our website:

A. Reasons for software updates

  • To get the latest feature and software improvements with future software updates.
  • All circuit board replacements require a software update to ensure proper unit operation.
  • A software update is required to ensure proper software expansion operation of all purchased feature expansions.

B. Requirements

  • Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • USB port

C. How to download software updates

To get the latest version, please head to the releases page and download the file of the latest release and the file

D. Software Update

1. TIP TIG Software Updater V1.0

  • Download the file from the releases page.
  • Unzip the file ,and you will get the file TT-Installer.msi.
  • Install the TT-Installer.msi.


  • Download the latest release of the file
  • Unzip the file TT-MDR.zipand you will get a file like TT-MDR_0.3.0.0.upd.

3. Software Update

  • Connect the Control Panel to your computer (USB)

  • Power on the Control Panel

  • Open the installed TT-Software Updater app.

  • Click on Load Update File.

  • Select the TT-MDR_0.x.x.x.upd file.

  • Click on Update Device.

  • Wait till the update is finished

  • Click on OK.

  • Quit the TT-Software Updater app.

  • Disconnect the control panel (USB)

  • Restart the control panel by switching it off and on.


Software Updates for the TIP TIG Control Panel. To get the latest version, please head over to the releases page πŸ‘‰πŸΌ