A family of fonts that revives Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet parametric typesetting system
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Nu Alfabet

This is a family of fonts that clone Wim Crouwel’s New Alphabet parametric typesetting system. It is the culmination of an exercise for learning how to use Python and the Glyphs font editor API. The family consists of several variations in the glyphs proportions automatically generated from a high level description of the design in Python code (or a “metafont” in the broad sense that Donald Knuth defined in the Metafontbook, that is, “a schematic description of the shapes in a family of related fonts”).

image of parameters

Each font has in its name a sequence of five parameters that describe its proportions, in order (image reference of each parameter between brackets):

  1. number of vertical units (odd progression, defines glyph width) [a]
  2. number of UPMs per vertical unit (that is, the unit width) [b]
  3. number of horizontal units (odd progression; defines glyph height; at least x-height + 4) [c]
  4. number of UPMs per horizontal unit (that is, the unit height) [d]
  5. number of horizontal units that comprise the x-height (odd progression) [x]

This abides by the manner in which Crouwel conceived the system variations.

All fonts published in this repository are licensed under the SIL Open Font License.