A solid starting point for haskell APIs
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A solid starting point for haskell APIs


Opinionated Yesod stack for APIs serving frontend applications.

Get Started

If you don't have stack, install it curl -sSL https://get.haskellstack.org/ | sh

This uses hi to provide the bootstrapping

  1. stack install --resolver=lts-7.18 hi
  • if it fails git clone git@github.com:trofi/hi && cd hi && stack install && cd ..
  1. hi myProject --repository gh:tippenein/slab
  2. cd myProject
  3. make db_user
  4. make

What you get

A running yesod api with seeds, tests, CI (circle.yml), google oauth, a dumb-simple role system, among other things.

Database specific

There are a variety of convenience commands in the Makefile:

make db       - creates the database if it doesn't exist already
make db_down  - drops the database
make db_test  - creates the test database
make db_user  - creates the postgres user for the db (should only be needed initially)
make db_reset - drop, create, and seed
make seed     - run seeds (config/Seed.hs)


To build and push a docker container to dockerhub, use make publish. From there it's up to you :D

Using this to serve a frontend

There is a templates directory with default-layout-wrapper.hamlet which you can serve your initial frontend with (probably linking in something from static/js/bundle.js ). The default-layout.hamlet is just included if you want to separate the wrapper and actual rendered html further. You can read more about those in yesod documentation.