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Demo Templates

Venti 2 Starter Templates

Demo Templates FOLDER

The Demo Templates folder holds files that are part of a working demo. They have the css & js included to show a full functioning use of Venti. From an event list to calendar to the event detail page. Also included is a Group selector for the calendar and list. This will toggle the group events that are visible.

Include these template files in a Craft CMS setup with Venti 2 installed.

  • Set your page entry type handle to eventsLanding.
  • Set your groups detail template to events/_entry.
  • Set your search landing page entry type to eventsSearch.

This demo populates content using ajax. Setup two routes in the CP routes settings:

  • route ajax/calendar/(year)/(month)/(*) | template events/ajax/_calendar
  • route ajax/events/(year)/(month)/(*) | template events/ajax/_events

Snippets FOLDER

The Snippets folder holds files with snippets of code to give you a start and an idea how Venti 2 functions.