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// Undefined and null are interchangeable most of the time, though they are not exactly the same values
typeof null
//returns "object"
typeof undefined
//returns "undefined"
console.log(null == undefined)
//returns true
console.log(null === undefined)
//returns false
//Example expressions of automatic type conversion when an operator is applied between two different types (type coercion)
//Here the null type becomes a 0
console.log(4 * null)
// returns 0
//Here the 6 converts from a string type to a number type
console.log("6" - 1)
// returns 5
//Here the addition operator converts 6 from string to number using string concatenation
console.log("6" + 1)
//returns 61
//Here the six string spelled out doesn't map to a number explicitly, so it outputs NaN
console.log("six" * 2)
//returns NaN