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bmig 0.3.3 by b

bmig is a simple, clean, blazing fast mysql migration manager written in c

install dependencies

# ubuntu

sudo apt-get install gcc libmysqlclient-dev libjson0-dev pkg-config

# rhel

sudo yum install gcc mysql-devel json-c-devel

# macos (using [homebrew] (

brew install gcc json-c mysql-connector-c pkg-config

clone & compile (linux & macos)

git clone
cd bmig
sudo make install

clone & run (windows)

git clone
cd bmig\dist\windows-x86

bmig commands

general bmig guidelines

  • to use bmig, you must be in the folder with your config.json file.

initialize bmig

bmig init

this will ask you a few questions and create a config.json for you such that there isn't one already in the folder. it will also attempt to create the migrations/ folder.

create a new migration

bmig create [name]

this will create a new file in the format of [timestamp]-[name].sql in the migrations folder or the folder you've configured in your config.json. it will contain an up: and down: label. there must be a newline after each label and a newline after each command you write. if you don't have an up or a down, you can leave the label out of the migration, or leave it blank; either way is fine.

check the migration status

bmig status

this will check each migration in the migrations folder or the folder you've configured in your config.json and compare that against what is in the zzzzzbmigmigrations table that bmig will create in the beginning. migrations that are present in the table will be marked as up and migrations that are not will be marked as dn.

process all pending migrations

bmig migrate

this will run each migration marked as dn from bmig status and execute the contents from the up: label located in that migration. if multiple migrations are marked as dn, they will be run sequentially.

rollback last migration

bmig rollback

this will rollback each migration marked as up from bmig status and execute the contents from the down: label located in that migration. only the most recently migration will be rolled back.


0.3.3 -- 2016-04-17

  • fix error appending junk to the generated config.json file

0.3.2 -- 2015-11-19

  • added final support for the -t (transaction) flag
  • added support for delimiters to do migrations with triggers, procedures, etc.

0.3.1 -- 2015-11-18

  • fixed instability relating to overflown remote mig

0.3.0 -- 2015-11-08

  • initialization script

0.2.0 -- 2015-11-07

  • stability fixes
  • windows support

0.1.0 -- 2015-10-26

  • initial release
  • version bump
  • docs clean up

0.0.1-rc3 -- 2015-10-26

  • migrations commands run in their own connection

0.0.1-rc2 -- 2015-10-14

  • adhering to stricter compiler warnings
  • additional stability fixes
  • macos support
  • fix bug with terminal color not resetting

0.0.1-rc1 -- 2015-10-12

  • create new migrations
  • list migration status
  • migrate all
  • rollback one
  • config.json supported
  • some error checking

special thanks

ryan ferons (@rferons) -- continued moral support

shannon warren (@w2pc) -- for testing my products even if they suck

corey edwards (@cedwardsmedia) -- macos build procedures & testing


bmig is available under the MIT License