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Docker OpenLDAP Container w/TLS & Replication Support S6 Overlay, and Zabbix Monitoring based on Alpine
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This as a Dockerfile to build a OpenLDAP server for maintaining a directory. Upon starting this image it will give you a ready to run server with many configurable options.

  • Tracks latest release

  • Compiles from source

  • Multiple backends (bdb, hdb, mdb, sql)

  • All overlays compiled

  • Supports TLS encryption

  • Supports Replication

  • Optional Web Server included to take advantage of Let's Encrypt certificates

  • Scheduled Backups of Data

  • Ability to choose NIS or rfc2307bis Schema

  • Two Password Checking Modules - and

  • Zabbix Monitoring templates included

  • This Container uses a customized Alpine Linux base which includes s6 overlay enabled for PID 1 Init capabilities, zabbix-agent based on 3.4 Packages for individual container monitoring, Cron also installed along with other tools (bash,curl, less, logrotate, mariadb-client, nano, vim) for easier management. It also supports sending to external SMTP servers..



Table of Contents


This image has the capability to take advantage of getting TLS certificates autogenerated via the jwilder/nginx-proxy and the Let's Encrypt Proxy Companion @ However, it will run just fine on it's own without it.




Automated builds of the image are available on Registry and is the recommended method of installation.

docker pull tiredofit/openldap

Quick Start

Start openldap using:

docker-compose up

NOTE: Please allow up to 2 minutes for the application to start for the first time if you are generating TLS certificates.


The following directories are used for configuration and can be mapped for persistent storage.

Directory Description
/var/lib/openldap Data Directory
/etc/openldap/slapd.d Configuration Directory
/assets/custom-scripts/ If you'd like to execute a script during the initialization process drop it here (Useful for using this image as a base)
/assets/slapd/certs/ Drop TLS Certificates here
/data/backup Backup Directory
/www/html If you want to put a landing page if using Nginx for LetsEncrypt SSL Place it here

Environment Variables

Along with the Environment Variables from the Base image, below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your installation.

Required and used for new ldap server only:

Variable Description
DOMAIN LDAP domain. Default
BASE_DN LDAP base DN. If empty automatically set from DOMAIN value. Default (empty)
ADMIN_PASS Ldap Admin password. Default admin
CONFIG_PASS Ldap Config password. Default config
ORGANIZATION Organization Name Default: Example Organization
ENABLE_READONLY_USER Add a read only user. Defaultfalse
READONLY_USER_USER Read only user username. Default `readonly
READONLY_USER_PASS Read only user password. Default readonly
SCHEMA_TYPE Use nis or rfc2307bis core schema. Default nis
Variable Description
BACKEND Ldap backend. bdb hdb mdb and others. Default mdb
LOG_LEVEL Set LDAP Log Level - Default 256

Backup Options:

Variable Description
BACKUP_CONFIG_CRON_PERIOD Cron expression to schedule OpenLDAP config backup. Defaults 0 4 * * * Every day at 4am.
BACKUP_DATA_CRON_PERIOD Cron expression to schedule OpenLDAP data backup. Defaults 0 4 * * * Every day at 4am.
BACKUP_TTL Automatically cleanup backup after how many days. Default 15

Password Policy Options:

If you already have a check_password.conf or ppm.conf in /etc/openldap/ the following environment variables will not be applied

Variable Description
PPOLICY_CHECK_RDN Check RDN Parameter ( - Default 0
PPOLICY_FORBIDDEN_CHARACTERS Forbidden Characters ( - Default ``
PPOLICY_MAX_CONSEC Maximum Consective Character Pattern - Default 0
PPOLICY_MIN_DIGIT Minimum Digit Characters - Default 0
PPOLICY_MIN_LOWER Minimum Lowercase Characters - Default 0
PPOLICY_MIN_POINTS Minimum Points required to pass checker - Default 3
PPOLICY_MIN_PUNCT Minimum Punctuation Characters - Default 0
PPOLICY_MIN_UPPER Minimum Uppercase Characters - Default 0
PPOLICY_USE_CRACKLIB Use Cracklib for verifying words ( - Default 1

TLS options:

Variable Description
ENABLE_TLS Add TLS capabilities. Can't be removed once set to true. Defaults true
TLS_CRT_FILENAME Ldap ssl certificate filename. Default cert.pem
TLS_KEY_FILENAME Ldap ssl certificate private key filename. Default key.pem
TLS_CA_CRT_FILENAME Ldap ssl CA certificate filename. Default ca.pem
TLS_ENFORCE Enforce TLS. Can't be disabled once set to true. Defaults false
TLS_VERIFY_CLIENT TLS verify client. Default try

Replication options:

Variable Description
ENABLE_REPLICATION Add replication capabilities. Multimaster only at present. Default false
REPLICATION_CONFIG_SYNCPROV olcSyncRepl options used for the config database. Without rid and provider which are automatically added based on REPLICATION_HOSTS. Default binddn="cn=admin,cn=config" bindmethod=simple credentials=$CONFIG_PASS searchbase="cn=config" type=refreshAndPersist retry="60 +" timeout=1 starttls=critical
REPLICATION_DB_SYNCPROV olcSyncRepl options used for the database. Without rid and provider which are automatically added based on REPLICATION_HOSTS. Default binddn="cn=admin,$BASE_DN" bindmethod=simple credentials=$ADMIN_PASS searchbase="$BASE_DN" type=refreshAndPersist interval=00:00:00:10 retry="60 +" timeout=1 starttls=critical
REPLICATION_HOSTS list of replication hosts seperated by a space, must contain the current container hostname set by --hostname on docker run command. If replicating all hosts must be set in the same order. Example - ldap:// ldap:// ldap://

Other environment variables:

Variable Description
ENABLE_NGINX If you want to use automatic LetsEncrypt certificates for your server, set this to true
REMOVE_CONFIG_AFTER_SETUP Delete config folder after setup. Default true
SSL_HELPER_PREFIX Ssl-helper environment variables prefix. Default ldap, ssl-helper first search config from SSL_HELPER_* variables, before SSL_HELPER_* variables.


The following ports are exposed and available to public interfaces

Port Description
80 Nginx - For Automatic LetsEncrypt Certficates
389 Unecrypted LDAP
636 TLS Encrypted LDAP


Shell Access

For debugging and maintenance purposes you may want access the containers shell.

docker exec -it openldap bash


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