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This module was initially started as a prototype for building an JavaScript based Automation DSL.

The main code has now be moved to the main Nuxeo branch in nuxeo-automation-scripting

Only the blockly integration remains in this module.

Motivations for Blockly

The idea behind Automation was to provide a paradigm that allow non developers to build some custom logic by simply assembling "chains".

This approach was quite successful but we soon reached the limit of the chain model :

  • loops are complex
  • conditions are complex
  • reusing "code segment" forces using several chains and makes maintenance more complex

Introducing JavaScript DSL is a way to empower users to build more complex custom logic.

This Blockly integration is a tentative to find a solution somewhere in the middle between the simplistic chain model and the more developer oriented JavaScript DSL.

Blockly is a visual programming model that :

  • allows to assemble building blocks in a way that is similar to chains
  • but also provide a more powerful paradigm to handle
    • loops
    • conditions
    • variable assignment

What it looks like

Here is a blockly sample :

And here is the generated JavaScript Automation DSL :

var doc;

for (var doc_index in (Document.Query(null, {"query":'select * from Document',"currentPageIndex":0,"pageSize":20}))) {
  doc = (Document.Query(null, {"query":'select * from Document',"currentPageIndex":0,"pageSize":20}))[doc_index];
  if ((doc.getType()) == 'File') {
    (Document.SetProperty(doc, {"xpath":'dc:nature',"save":TRUE,"value":'This is a File'}));