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vmm - Virtual Machine Manager

vmm is software that is part of the Testing Machine project.

About the Testing Machine project

Testingmachine is primarily used to test eGovernment services. The eGovernment services can vary from country to country but generally it grants citizens access to important documents and information. In most EU countries there are additional services like paying property tax that can be done online. Most governments in Europe are leaning in this direction in order to decrease administrative overhead.

Reporting bugs

Bugs can be reported to either the mailing-list or the issues page.

Try to be as precise as possible when reporting bugs. The more information we get the bigger chance we have of fixing the problem.

Getting involved

How to join: clone the repo, try it out -- join the mailing list :)

For more information read the developer guidelines.

Mailing list

We have one mailing list for the project:

Join this list here:

If you send emails to this list as a non subscriber chances are it will get lost.

Home page

Source code is located here:


Social media



Further reading

Read about Testing Machine and Virtual Machine Manager in our manuals: