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Design of experiments for Python
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``pyDOE``: The experimental design package for python

The ``pyDOE`` package is designed to help the 
**scientist, engineer, statistician,** etc., to construct appropriate 
**experimental designs**.


The package currently includes functions for creating designs for any 
number of factors:

- *Factorial Designs*

  #. **General Full-Factorial** (``fullfact``)

  #. **2-level Full-Factorial** (``ff2n``)

  #. **2-level Fractional Factorial** (``fracfact``)

  #. **Plackett-Burman** (``pbdesign``)

- *Response-Surface Designs* 

  #. **Box-Behnken** (``bbdesign``)

  #. **Central-Composite** (``ccdesign``)

- *Randomized Designs*

  #. **Latin-Hypercube** (``lhs``)
*See the* `package homepage`_ *for details on usage and other notes*

What's New

In this release, an incorrect indexing variable in the internal LHS function
``_pdist`` has been corrected so point-distances are now calculated accurately.


- NumPy
- SciPy

Installation and download

See the `package homepage`_ for helpful hints relating to downloading
and installing pyDOE.

Source Code

The latest, bleeding-edge but working `code
and `documentation source
<>`_ are
available `on GitHub <>`_.


Any feedback, questions, bug reports, or success stores should
be sent to the `author`_. I'd love to hear from you!


This code was originally published by the following individuals for use with
- Copyright (C) 2012 - 2013 - Michael Baudin
- Copyright (C) 2012 - Maria Christopoulou
- Copyright (C) 2010 - 2011 - INRIA - Michael Baudin
- Copyright (C) 2009 - Yann Collette
- Copyright (C) 2009 - CEA - Jean-Marc Martinez

- Website:

Much thanks goes to these individuals.

And thanks goes out to the following for finding and offering solutions for

- Ashmeet Singh


This package is provided under two licenses:

1. The *BSD License* (3-clause)
2. Any other that the author approves (just ask!)


- `Factorial designs`_
- `Plackett-Burman designs`_
- `Box-Behnken designs`_
- `Central composite designs`_
- `Latin-Hypercube designs`_

.. _author:
.. _Factorial designs:
.. _Box-Behnken designs:
.. _Central composite designs:
.. _Plackett-Burman designs:
.. _Latin-Hypercube designs:
.. _package homepage:
.. _lhs documentation:
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