Yandex Text to speech processor with cache and zipping all results
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Yandex TTS processor

Library is used to get, zip and cache TTS responses.


import (


// returns path to file, that can be easily served or used in any other way
pathToFile,err := audiocacher.GetTtsForText("Your awesome text")

For example for query "Your awesome text" it will create file in path you defined in environmental variable and will look like $YOUR_PATH$\Your awesome and this zip will contain 1 file audio.<Audio format you defined in env vars, or mp3 by default> For all next same queries it will reuse this zip

Main features:

  • Downloads , caches, zips all tts files in specific folder that is defined in environment
  • Creates directory for files if is not exists
  • Logging of all activity
  • Can be simply dockerized and used from box
  • Fully customizable

Env vars


  • YANDEX_KEY - key you get from yandex dashboard
  • AUDIO_PATH - full path for folder that will contain all cached tts files

Optional (If not defined will use default value):

  • DEFAULT_LANG - default language for tts (Default is russian(ru-RU), can be en-US for english, uk-UK for ukrainian or tr-TR for turkish)
  • DEFAULT_SPEED - default speed of speech (Default 1.0, can be from 0.1 till 3.0)
  • DEFAULT_EMOTION - default emotion (Default is neutral, can be neutral, evil or good)
  • DEFAULT_SPEAKER - default speaker voice (Default is oksana, can be jane, oksana, alyss ,omazh ,zahar ,ermil)
  • DEFAULT_QUALITY - default quality of audio, will work only for wav audio format (Default is hi, can be hi or lo)
  • DEFAULT_AUDIO_FORMAT - default audio format (Default is mp3, can be wav, opus)

Additional information for optional parameters can be found here


On save in cache library will encode file name in base64 and replace all slashes(/) into pipe(|) to prevent conflicts with operating system.